Pale Blue Eyes – Motionless/Chelsea

Pale Blue Eyes are a three-piece from Devon who may, or who may not, have been named after the Lou Reed/Velvet Underground song.

I wrote last year that it was good to hear kosmische Muzik creeping into indiepop and on one half of their debut single Motionless Pale Blue Eyes implement to great effect. The recurring beats are catchy and it’s pretty hard to keep my feet still. I know some people find Krautrock somewhat long and monotonous (I think that’s the attraction for me) but this was is pretty short in comparison so even if you are not a fan grab a listen and it may well change your mind. Is there an extended 12″ mix though?

The second song Chelsea veers towards dreampop territory. It’s a track to close your eyes to and imagine that you are blissfully swaying along in the breeze. The whole track has a sense of vitality about it.

Motionless/Chelsea is out now on vinyl and digital formats from the band.


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