The Sunday Saunter Sampler

Blimey – has it really been a month since the last sampler? I have been listening to a right mix of tracks today and have bundled them up in one little capsule for you. As ever, enjoy!

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube.

Track Listing:

Atmos Bloom – Picnic In The Rain

Another slice of jangling dreampop from Manchester’s Atmos Bloom. A track for all meal types, not just picnics!

Phantom Handshakes – The Flowery Man

More jangling dreampop this time from New York’s Phantom Handshakes. The song is inspired by a New Yorker’s article about an elderly lady who suddenly starts having hallucinations. Proceeds from digital sales will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Turquoise – Le Bruit

Le Brut, b/w Lumio, is the new single from Brussels based Turquoise. It’s a blend of synthpop and new wave with dark post-punk influences. It’s out now on Freaksville Records.

The Photocopies – Anywhere Without You

Anywhere Without You is taken from the new four track EP Between You and Me. More excellent fuzzy indiepop from the exiled, but prolific, Sean Turner.

Desario – Strange Shapes

Strange Shapes is taken from Desario’s forthcoming fourth album Signal and Noise which will be released by Sunday Records and Fort Lowell Records later this month. Melodic and catchy indie rock.

This Poison! – Question Mark?

Precious Recordings of London have been releasing old BBC sessions for the past year. The next scheduled release is the John Peel session from This Poison!. The session dates from November 1987 and I remember recording it at the time. Fast frantic indiepop from one of the era’s great bands. Pre-order from here.

Blume – Earth Shaker

Blume’s new single Earth Shaker is taken from the forthcoming album Waves Of Love that is due for release on July 22 2022. Krautrock meets psychedelia, drone meets fuzz. I will have to investigate the back catalogue after this.

Useless Users – I Am Forton Wreck

Useless Users feature members of members of Action Painting!, Secret Shine and also feature Even As We Speak – a Sarah Records trio! I Am Forton Wreck is taken from the debut album We Are All and like the rest of the album it it’s dreampop with a range of influences from the sixties, seventies and eighties. We Are All is out now on Emotional Response Records and be ordered here whilst those in the ULO/Europe who want a physical copy should grab it from Rough Trade.

The Lunar Towers – Happy As Larry

Punk influenced power pop from London Town. The track reminds me of those found on the Messthetics compilations which featured music from 1979-1983.And after listening to this I am definitely as happy as Larry!

It’s a free download too and you can grab it from Soundcloud.

Carter C – Nighttime Oracle

Nighttime Oracle is the opening track from the forthcoming album The Things I Love and Why I Love Them that is due out on July 22 2022 via Friends House Records. It’s a nice slab of noisy and fuzzy indiepop. Pre-order from here.

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