Really Really

So it’s another Saturday after a Bandcamp Friday post so here is a 10 track “mixtape” of some of the tunes I picked up featuring indiepop, post-punk, synthpop, krautrock and garage. I picked up plenty more, so much so that PayPal thought they were fraudulent transactions. Unless they were trying to be arbiters of taste of course…………

Side A

Lost TapesThe Attraction Of The Opposites (FacebookBuy)
En Mi MenteVueltas Y Vueltas (FacebookBuy)
Stomp Talk ModstoneSugartime (FacebookBuy)
Nah…..Tumbledown Weekend (FacebookBuy)
My Raining StarsMirror (FacebookBuy)

Side B

EgoismHappy (FacebookBuy)
Baby Shakes Really Really (FacebookBuy)
ActorsLove U More (HomepageBuy)
Twin TribesThe River (Skeleton Hands Remix) (FacebookBuy)
Factice FactoryTuscan (FacebookBuy)

Or Play in YouTube

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