Riding Through The Tracks

I am off to Bristol for a long weekend so I am leaving you with a round up (and a contrasting mix) of releases found in my recent bookmarks.

Dream Room – Frayed

The Melbourne based Dream Room write that Frayed was written as “a means to express the emotional strain felt by someone when dealing with loss”. It’s an ethereal track that blurs the line between dreampop and shoegaze being both bittersweet and beautiful at the same time.

Soup! – Only Time

More post-punk fused indie rock from Manchester’s Soup! The arty vocal style of Matt Beswick plays with the words as the funk infused guitars add some nice riffs into the proceedings. It’s a nice mix that not only plays to old timers like me but to those who were introduced to the likes of Fast Product and Postcard Records thanks to Franz Ferdinand. And why stop there? The fusion found on the track should also appeal to those new to the band, and sound, as well.


Duele – Dependientes

Duele are the Tenerife based Jorge Luis Amil and Bardo Morales. Dependientes is their debut track and it’s an interesting one! Starting off sounding like the Mary Chain with it’s ring of “Just Like Honey” it pans like a very good noise pop track. Then on three minutes it all changes sounding like a fairground ride spinning round to a heavy dose of Kosmische with some scratching guitar thrown in for good measure. A unique track indeed!

Scott & Pat – The Terrible Two’s

I have to say this reasonably short, power pop track catches my ears. New wave guitars punctured by a punkish vocal style certainly demands some attention and, not to mention, some foot tapping too. Not original but it’s the sort of tune I could do with right now!

Tipp – 2

There are four shouty post punk tracks on this EP. Female vocals are raised over sharpened guitars whilst percussion and synths speed things up. This could have been released forty years ago rather than just the other week. The less than a minute long Warum Wartest Du Auf Mich is my pick of the bunch that may change tomorrow or even on the next listen.

The Summer Triangle – Cassiopeia/Nimbus Clouds

Two slices of laid back and gentle dreamy pop are the order of the day on the latest single from The Summer Triangle who are Dale (Some Gorgeous Accident, Apple Orchard) and Connie (Carnival Park). It’s wistful and hazy and an ideal soundtrack for when the sun sets and dusk approaches. The synths on Nimbus Clouds are especially delightful. Well chilled.

KRAFTman – Riding Through The Alps

I had this one from the one man Manchester based Kraftwerk homage act on the most of yesterday. Three different versions of the title track appear on this EP which uses Tour De France as it’s template. Robotic but melodic beats and synths ensure with the vocals repeating “Riding through the Alps, The views are wonderful, The Dolomites, They take your breath away”. There is also a fine cover of Kometenmelodie 2, originally on 1974’s Autobahn album, to be found too. If you miss Kraftwerk (and Metroland!) as much as I do then KRAFTman is a must.


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