Anajunno – Fuegoinvierno

It’s turning into an Argentinian themed weekend! Anajunno hail from Santa Fe, Argentina and Fuegoinvierno, which translates as Winterfire, is the follow-up to 2017s self titled debut. Anajunno’s music is primarily dreampop, but they also delve into other spheres. For example Julia Knows flirts with psychedelic pop whilst the instrumental Generador de pruebas is an excellent drone inspired track which reminds me of Eat Lights Become Lights. Another instrumental track Video 2000 is relaxing in a space rock sort of way. It’s the dreampop I prefer and the “poppier” the better. Both Burn The House and Salud temporal are cases … Continue reading Anajunno – Fuegoinvierno

Something For The Weekend? Shoegaze Variations

This weeks pack of three features three new Shoegazing tracks with variations on a theme. Misty Coast – Backseat Warriors Norwegian outfit and the wonderfully named Misty Coast described themselves as Melodaze. Made up of two members of Megaphonic Thrift they have released a number of tracks since 2016 with Backseat Warriors being the latest. There are some lovely sounds here mixed with shimmering guitars and female ethereal vocals. Shoegaze to chill too. Facebook Rusted Satellites – Constellations (Demo) Constellations is the sound of a psychedelic and spiritual variant of shoegaze. The lyrics are poignant and vocals are sublime. It’s … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Shoegaze Variations

Alles Club – Décollage

Quite a journey this one which crosses the borders of shoegaze, post rock and dream pop whilst on it’s travels. The instrumental title track opens the proceedings with post rock guitars merged with voices recorded from the TV or radio. It blends into another eight minute plus track in the shape of Quanto Tempo which has a poppier sound spruced with some trumpets. Despite not sounding like it, it is effective and works amazingly well! Sadly our ride comes off the rails with the well meaning but ultimately unsatisfying Libélula. It’s a slight break with 1990’s alt-rock sounding effort on … Continue reading Alles Club – Décollage

September Round Up #1

I returned home after a week away to a bursting at the seams bandcamp inbox on top of those songs/band I have yet to write about or give a mention too. Here is the first of a number of posts trying to rectify that! Foundlings – Horizons Another fine slice of 1990’s tinged melodic guitar pop from London’s Foundlings. It’s their finest moment yet! Facebook The Angel Makers – Sam and Sara I mentioned the lead track from this EP back in June and I am glad to hear that this EP carries on in pretty much the same vein. … Continue reading September Round Up #1

Something For The Weekend? – Shozegazers in the Mix

This weeks pack of three features three Shoegazing artists who don’t mind the art of remix. All Sparks Burn Out – Seconds Like Days Seconds Like Days is the second single to be lifted from the forthcoming debut album Shapes In The Shadows by Australian band All Sparks Burn Out. Seconds Like Days is a short but blissful effort. However it’s the additional tracks that are worth picking up. Magenta Low (Waving At Earth Mix) ventures into Seefeel territory whilst Sunspots (Scorched Satellite Mix) gets put through a blender and comes out sounding like something on Warp circa 1990’s. Most excellent. Facebook Lost … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? – Shozegazers in the Mix

Something For The Weekend? Three From Sweden

This week’s pack of three centres on three releases from Swedish artists. Lamagaia – Aurora This is epic. 16 plus minutes of krautrock /space rock/drone or whatever you want to call it. It sounds like my favourite Loop records on repeat. Available on 12″ vinyl from Sunrise Ocean Bender. Or get it digitally. Homepage Agent Blå – (Don’t) Talk to Strangers Another slab of indiepop from Agent Blå. It didn’t grab me in the same way as the previous single Strand managed to. However, it’s still a fine track none the less. It just sounds a bit out of place. Maybe there … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three From Sweden

From Russia With Love

Three Russian bands for your enjoyment today including two who I have mentioned before. First up is Moscow’s Commis Voyageur whose new digital single Youth is about being young. Yeah I vaguely remember that. Anyway both tracks here, Moonlight and Submissive, are catchy synth led efforts with the former taking the glory as it is the most vigorous of the two. Available as a free download from Bandcamp. Facebook For The Empty is the new single from Herlights and like above this title does not appear on either of the two tracks that comprise it. Laidback dream pop at its … Continue reading From Russia With Love