Something For The Weekend? Three Psychedelia

This weeks pack of three features three psychedelic inspired releases.

Les Big Byrd – Snö​-​Golem

The forthcoming single from Stockholm’s Les Big Byrd mixes drone, krautrock and of course a dusting of psychedelia. It’s a heavy pounding track dominated by the droning guitars and percussion. It’s backed by Karlstadögon and will be released by PNKSLM Recordings at the end of November. The 7″ has long sold out but you can pre-order the digital release from here.


Black Sand – Kaleidoscope EP

The latest EP from New Zealand’s Black Sand is a laid back affair featuring backwards guitar and drone. Clearly inspired by Spacemen Three the songs drift as the vocals weave in and out giving the songs an effect of an audio tapestry. Do you want dreamy? Do you want trippy? You got it!


Piresian Beach – What Ever Happened

The first release for a couple of years from Hungary’s Piresean Beach mixes garage and psychedelic rock. The EP is quite varied and the female vocals make this one standout. The songs are enjoyable and I liked the haunting rock ‘n’ roll drama on A Dirty Shame whilst Ms Delight mixes it up further with some electronica. Satisfying stuff and What Ever Happened is available on a pay what you want basis from here.


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