The Saturday Sampler

I have been playing these tracks tonight. Now it’s your turn to do the same!

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

Nobody’s Flowers – Mountains out of Broken Men

Sounding more like The Smiths than Northern Portrait ever did Mountains Out of Broken Men is taken from Nobody’s Flowers self-titled debut album that is due for release on November 17th 2021. Pre-order from Really Rad Records.

Blush Response – Molasses

Dreamy but fuzzy alt-rock from down under. I am still lost on the concept of the double a-sided digital single but Molasses shares centre stage with Vertigo with both tracks sounding pretty good.

Secret Shame – Victoria

Victora is taken from OST Bloodbath: Victoria’s Secret a play written and directed by Jamieson Ridenhour. One for the Halloween playlists?

Sleep Overload – Horror Film

Russian shoegazers, or horrorgazers as they have described themselves this time around, return with a “fright” of an EP. Horror Film is the lead track and is backed with two other tracks. Not ground breaking but entertaining none the less.

Fawns of Love – Innocence of Protection

Imagine if New Order were fronted by Elizabeth Fraser then you should get some idea of how the new single, and title track of their forthcoming new album, Innocence of Protection sounds like! And that’s great in my book. Innocence of Protection will be a split release between Kingfisher Bluez and Sunday Records.

Andrew Younker – Togetherball

Another single and another title track of a forthcoming album. Togetherball is laid back and delicate indiepop with some fine electronica coming together in the mix. It’s lovely stuff. The album is out on November 12th 2021 and is available digitally from Younker himself or available on cassette via French label Hidden Bay Records.

Useless Youth – Verano 2017

Verano 2017 is the first single to be taken from Mexico City based Useless Youth’s forthcoming new, and as yet untitled, album that is due out sometime next year. It’s a catchy synth driven indiepop track.

Soot Sprite – Alone Not Lonely

Alone Not Lonely is the standout track, well for me anyway, from Exeter’s Soot Sprite’s new six track EP Poltergeists. It’s a thriving indie rock track with the vocals of Elise Cook making it an addictive lesson. Poltergeists is out now via Specialist Subject. Is that The Onedin Line in the artwork?

Blush – Best Friend

Best Friend is the debut single from the Singapore based band Blush. It’s a fuzzy, poppy shoegaze influenced track that suggests that there could be some good things coming our way courtesy of this lot!

Veps – His Brother

His Brother is the second single from Oslo based Veps. It’s a punk/Riot Grrrl inspired indiepop tune that deals with comparing an awful partner with their brother. They have a UK tour planned for next March and play The Sebright Arms in London’s East End. Shame they are not playing the Oslo just down the road in Hackney instead (I will get my coat!). His Brother is out now on Kanine Records.

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