Lemondaze – Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies is the debut EP from London based Lemondaze. I have enjoyed their two tracks to date and one, Art Form, appears here. Whilst shoegaze is the core behind their sound there are plenty of references to 1990’s noise pop bands such as Bleach, Salad and to a lesser extent Silverfish.

Opener Twin Paradox certainly plays to those strengths whilst the aforementioned Art Form is a shimmering ethereal track reminiscent of the bands on 4AD. 1990 nine opens with some deconstructed vocals before the twisting guitars kick in with spoken vocals being interspersed throughout. It reminds me of “indie” music before Britpop (sadly) came along.

Final track io mixes ambient noises with the shoegaze of old and the opening bars certainly sound like an echo from space. Light from a dead star? You bet as the 4AD influences come through in unabashed abandon and it could well be (is?) the band’s finest moment to date.

Lemondaze cannot do any wrong where my ears are concerned and will certainly be on this fella’s to catch list when the venues reopen. For now, the EP is available digitally from the band.


Oh and Ben, if you are reading, this one is definitely a type 1!

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