Ten Track Sampler

I got tagged in a post on Twitter the other week. I could not see the actual post I was tagged in (I hope it was complimentary) but the post that started the thread was from someone who wrote that “I discovered so much new music from the NME sampler CDs that used to come out back in the day. Is there any modern digital equivalent? Serendipitous music discovery feels so broken.

So with some time on my hands, I thought I would have a bash at replicating an updated digital version of one of those CDs.

Here is the Playlist

Alternative link at Great DJ

And here are the individual tracks/info:


Taken from the new EP Unemployment, Broken Bones, Death, Baby out now on VÅRØ.


Originally released last year Screens gets another airing and hopefully that means the debut album is on the way. Screens is out now

Blue Ocean – Arnold & Thom

Taken from the new self-titled compilation out now in cassette and digital formats via Paisley Shirt Records (US) or from the band

Lemondaze1990 Nine

Taken from the new EP Celestial Bodies

Letting Up Despite Great FaultsGold

Taken from the forthcoming Sunday Records compilation titled Something Beautiful. It will be available in vinyl, CD and digital formats and can be ordered from the labels Bandcamp page or their UK site.


The new single from the Mexico City based shoegazers.

Goden Do – Перекур

The new single, and their first for over a year, from the Siberian Post-Punk band Goden Do.

Factice FactoryTuscon

The stand out track (for me) from the French/Swiss post-punk outfit’s fourth album Figments which is out now in a range of formats.

Moscow OlympicsOcean Sign

Taken from the forthcoming reissue, and the first time on vinyl, of the band’s only album, Cut The World, which was originally released back in 2008 by the Swedish label Lavender Recordings. Thanks to the French label Too Good To Be True for finally releasing it in the format it deserved.

PageantsAll Bets Aside

Taken from the band’s forthcoming album Sun and Settled Days that will be released at the end of July. Pre-order from here.

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