Gang Of Four

Change My Mind is possibly the last single from Canadian post-punk veterans Handful Of Snowdrops but I am sure they have said that before. The band describe the single as “a one-off, old school, all synth, electropop earworm” and they ain’t wrong! The original version is a bit like OMD whilst the lengthy Reprieved version encompasses some of Kraftwerk’s poppier moments. Final track I’m an Electron (Variably Negative) is a retro slice of instrumental synthpop that sounds like it encompasses some of the band’s previous work.

Ukrainian band The Last Passenger supply an atmospheric and moody track on their new single Втома (Fatigue). There are some nice guitars accompanying the sullen vocals whilst programmed, coldwave influenced beats do their bit in the background. Post-punk chilling…..

Barcelona’s Paranormales have released another remixed track from last years Contra album. Doctrina, which opened the aforementioned album, gets a remix from Naples based Hapax. The darkwave beats of the original sound much more open and sparse allowing in some light resulting in danaceable beats over the original morose vocals.

Canadian label Artoffact Records have released a free sampler covering the current state of their roster. I have covered a number of the bands featured on these pages before including Actors, Molchat Doma, Leathers, The Foreign Resort and Ploho to name but a few. Molchat Doma & Ploho with По краю остров and the darkwave beats provided by Kanga on Brother are just two of my highlights.

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