Records I Like Mix May 2021

Another mix of shoegaze, dreampop and indiepop for your listening pleasure culled from tracks released in the last month or so and some beyond. As ever enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

Lemondaze – io
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – No One Absolves Us in the End
Lunarette – Messing
Phantom Handshakes – Skin
Spotlight Kid – VRHN
93MillionMilesFromTheSun – I’ll Never Know
Partner Look – Geelong
Subsonic Eye – Cabin Fever
Verandan – Open Sea
Beach Youth – Two Bedrooms
Dentist – Let Me Let Go
The Summer Triangle – Distant Skies
Tapeworms – Magic Pierrot
Marcos y Molduras – Ew!!
Auld Spells – I Want You Back
Teenage Fanclub – I’m More Inclined
Escuelas Pías – Pasatiempos
Fresh – My Redemption Arc
Damen – Brightside
Malamute – Solo confío en mi perro
Tough Age – Giuseppe Pizzeria

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