The Earth Earth – Peel Slowly & See

I did have to chuckle yesterday. Further to my Spotlight Kid post where I wrote that “there isn’t scope for variation when it comes to the traditional shoegazing sound” Ben over at Did Not Chart covered the new compilation from Blue Ocean which is ace by the way.

He wrote that “There are two types of shoegaze. Type 1: bands with enigmatic melodies caught in gales of feedback, disembodied vocals, adventurous rhythms and bent notes. Type 2: bands with an fx pedal to hide their lack of imagination, a vocalist who mumbles and complete ignorance of basic hairdressing.” The trouble is I like both types and my bad haircut testifies an affection to type 2!

So where does the new single from The Earth Earth fit? Type 2 that’s for sure and if the band want to channel their “inner Ride” then so be it. I am not sure my old mate Ben would approve mind.


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