Alpine Subs – Sweethaven

It’s over a year since their self-titled debut album and now, Sweethaven, the sophomore album by Chicago’s jangle popsters Alpine Subs has just been released by South African based label Subjangle.

The band’s influences are firmly rooted in the past. Their sound harks back to the pop-rock heyday of the 1960s and 1970s which is prevalent throughout the album alongside some bursts of country and folk. There are some good songs here notably the preceding singles Keeping You and Clear Blue Waters. The former reminds me of an early era The Real People whilst the latter errs on the poppier side of The La’s. The Beatles are not the only Liverpool influence then! Out of Range and All The Same also impress these ears too.

Unfortunately, I find that the album is overloaded with far too many songs. Because of this, it starts to sound pretty much the same in a number of places and the overtly sweet summery and flower power pop songs start blending into one.  There is a great EP hidden on Sweethaven. As for a great album, I am not so sure.

Sweethaven is out now on Subjangle. The CD’s have sold out but it can still be purchased digitally from here.

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