Site News

I have been experimenting with a new look for the site and have started using The Morning After Theme. Is the best one I have found and configured to match a premium theme I have had my eye on for a while now. It’s an oldie but a goody. I reckon I may have saved myself sixty quid. I particularly like the menus. Easily pleased or what?

I have also removed all the video pages as well due to the lack of visits to those pages. No use taking up space. Hopefully the rotating videos on the homepage will go someway to appeasing any who enjoyed watching them.

I have also removed the About (I think that’s obvious!) and Contact ones. The latter has given me headaches because of the number of review requests that came my way. I wouldn’t mind but it stated no review requests on the actual page! I hope none of these changes curtails your enjoyment of what essentially is a hobby site.

Finally, I realised recently discovered that Records I Like is on the Hype Machine website. If you use that website for music discovery then the Records I Like page is here.

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