Angvstia Pop – Amor y Ansiedad

Angvstia Pop are a new band from González Catán, Argentina. It seems they formed as a result of the lockdown and the two members have been in other bands such as Pelopincho who have been featured on these pages before. Taking their influences from the likes of Beat Happening, Julie Ruin and The Cannanes the band have just released their debut mini-lp.

Amor y Ansiedad (Love and Anxiety) consists of eight short twee-pop songs that are driven by synths and programming. The translated album title tells the subject of the songs much better than I could but, regardless of the topic of the song, they are catchy in the main. The poppier female-fronted songs such as Dude, are you okay? -Totally work best for me but the melancholy Dormir para Siempre runs them close. If you are looking for something similar amongst their peers, fans of Happy Spendy will enjoy these tracks but don’t be constrained that comparison.

Amor y Ansiedad is available digitally on a pay what you want basis from here.


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