The Saturday Session

Vamping – Holyoke

To say that the new song from Amarillo’s Vamping is a shimmering delight is a vast understatement. Holyoke literally glows thanks to the harmonious synths and guitars coupled with a very catchy chorus and vocals. Lock-down positivity in a nutshell.


Phosphene – Incandescent Plumes

Incandescent Plumes is the third single to be taken forthcoming album Lotus Eaters. Rachel Frankel’s vocals are as lovely as ever despite the gloomy and dark words which seem to be a feature of their songs. Musically it’s less dream pop and more alt/indie rock than their previous efforts but I am in favour of variety especially when it is this pleasing.


Sea Pinks – Crocuses

Belfast based Sea Pinks new single is a short diverging guitar led effort that gets a bit frantic with it too. It reminds me of the records This Poison! used to put out over thirty years ago now. Crocuses is indiepop as indiepop should be.


The Crystal Furs – Expo 67

Expo 67 is taken from the forthcoming album Beautiful and True that is due out on Subjangle in June. Opening with what sounds like a church organ the song soon jangles it’s way around the subject of a lesbian love story at the Montreal World Fair in the year of my birth. In short it’s a tuneful song full of harmony, rhythm and gratifying words.


Palm Haze – Nøva Beach

The latest release from British Columbia based Palm Haze features two pieces of music that will take you to places far removed from your lock-down location. The destination depends on your imagination when listening to these wistful electronica based tracks. Never has a fusion of ambient and dream pop sounded so good especially on the title track. Take a trip…..


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