Records I Like Mix May 2020

The latest mix featuring tracks released in the past month or so. Enjoy!


Die Zärtlichkeit – Chaos

That track, titled Chaos, opens the EP and it’s a vintage sounding indie/jangle pop song which gets things off to a fine start.

No Suits in Miami – What We Have

Strong female vocals soar above the guitars which, depending on your viewpoint, are either influenced by 1981 Glasgow or 1988 Bristol.

Dreams of Empire – Broken Keys

I am not sure if I have ever heard a song that references both the Sparks and Plastic Bertrand before but Broken Dreams does just that as it tells the tales of fumbles and departures.

Verano del 83 – Mi Camino Mágico

The standout track for me is Mi Camino Mágico which sounds like a cover of a children’s TV programme theme, turned into an indiepop classic.

Easy – Day For Night

Taken from the album Radical Innocence which has just been released on A Turntable Friends Records

Life Model – Saskia

The current single out now on Last Night From Glasgow

Candace – Still Phase

Starting off slowly with 1960s girl band influences the track soon turns into a fuzzy pop effort complete with droning and reverb laden guitars.

Lasitud – El Muchacho de Los Ojos Tristes

Mexicans Lasitud haven’t put a foot wrong with their dreampop to date and they continue that with El Muchacho de Los Ojos Tristes (The Boy With The Sad Eyes).

Skytone – Without You

The song has a retro feel thanks to the synths and programming. These are enhanced by jangling guitars whilst the vocals remain upbeat despite the words being of a sombre nature.

Tara – Oceans

On new single Oceans I hear the ethereal sounds of Lush (especially on Alexa Garay’s vocals) or the beauty crafted by Slowdive and The Pale Saints.

The National Honor Society – First Among The Last

First Among The Last is the first single off of the album To All The Glory We Never Had which is released worldwide on 29 May, 2020 via Chien Lunatique Records.

Mashmellow – Share It

Share It is their debut single and it opens like a latter day New Order with synths and rolling bass lines before becoming a fully fledged alternative/indie rock track.

Rilev – Mar

The band sing in their native Spanish with the words being repeated, in hushed tones, creating a soothing effect.

Jetstream Pony – Trapped in Amber

The second single to be taken from the forthcoming self titled debut album.

Terry vs. Tori – Psychic Reader

It’s another slice of the beautiful and gorgeous indie pop that the band have always delivered.

Parsnip – Adding Up

It’s a lovely indiepop tune that still draws from 1960s girl bands for influences although it’s not so prominent here as on previous efforts.

Eternal Something – Seagoat

It’s another one of those shoegaze tracks that are inspired by poetic imagination and my mind wandered vividly as it played.

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