The Sunday Session

Relay Tapes – Planetarium

This is a really strong track from Australians Relay Tapes who drop the ethereal shoegaze on this, their new single. That’s in the foreground this time with the focus on drone backed by low audible female vocals. There is some nice melodic touches and I start to think this is what Seefeel could have sounded like if they turned the guitars up. Their best track to date? You bet.


Become The Stars – Written In The Stars/Raindown

Liverpool’s Become The Stars take the gentler, slow building approach. Two slices of comforting dreamy shoegaze with folk-ish overtones. Sometimes haunting, sometimes beautiful and Raindown is simply gorgeous with it.


Lasitud – El Muchacho de Los Ojos Tristes

Mexicans Lasitud haven’t put a foot wrong with their dreampop to date and they continue that with El Muchacho de Los Ojos Tristes (The Boy With The Sad Eyes). Melodic shoegaze at it’s finest and I have not heard it before but there is a sight resemblance to Melys especially when you hear the vocals of Julio Beli.


Весна Весна – Венера

There was hardly time to blink with Венера (Venus), the latest single from Весна Весна, and their previous effort which came out just after Easter. This one did not grab me in the same way Когда рядом огни did but I am sure if I listen to the punchy alt-pop it contains the song may endear itself to me over time never the less.

Various Artists – Light From A Dead Star Volume 1

Taking the title from one of the finest moments Lush ever produced is  good place to start on this completely free compilation from Italian “label” Ray Rec that covers shoegaze, alt-rock and  dream pop – well that sorted out this posts categories in one didn’t it.

Some of the bands are familiar to me (Stella Diana, Swimming Pool) whilst others such as  Just Like Honey and Last Tourist are not. Compilations are always a great way to discover new music. This album is no exception as I have already got a few more names to listen out for on my list!

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