Records I Like Mix June 2020

If I said to myself in 1988 I would be compiling a “mixtape” in 2020 featuring The Flatmates, The Wolfhounds, Wendy Pickles from The Popguns and ex Popgun/Weddoes drummer Shaun Charman I would have said I was a bit bonkers. Well, 32 years later it seems I am bonkers after all as they all feature on this months mix which features tracks covering indie-pop, jangle-pop, shoegaze and alt-rock. It’s nice to see kosmische (“Krautrock”) creeping into indie and dream pop too. Enjoy!

Full Tracklisting and details:

The Flatmates – If You Love Me Let Me Know

Taken from the new self-titled (debut!) album.

Linda Guilala – Verano

Taken from the compilation Espacio De Tiempo (2009​-​2019) which is out now on Elefant Records.

The Churchhill Garden – We Can Dream

The song, which was the highlight of the aforementioned compilation for me, is a gentle affair highlighting the subtle guitars, thoughtful words and that voice. Beautiful.

Vamping – Holyoke

To say that the new song from Amarillo’s Vamping is a shimmering delight is a vast understatement. Holyoke literally glows thanks to the harmonious synths and guitars coupled with a very catchy chorus and vocals.

Secret Shame – Dissolve

I can hear so many influences on this track ranging from New Order to Makthaverskan that my head is in a spin.

Sea Pinks – Crocuses

Belfast based Sea Pinks new single is a short diverging guitar-led effort that gets a bit frantic with it too. It reminds me of the records This Poison! used to put out over thirty years ago now. Crocuses is indiepop as indiepop should be.

Star-Crossed Lovers – Our Saints

This self-titled EP is their debut and features five shoegaze that ranges from the ethereal, dreamy to the nosier, reverb laden.

Relay Tapes – In The Ground

…..whilst In The Ground opens with some kosmische sounds, slowly building with layers of repetition but without any negativity attached.

In My Tribe (Wendy Pickles) – I’ll Bring You Joy

A lovely song from Wendy Pickles of The Popguns.

Anna’s Bones – Sow

The debut single from this new band hailing from Manningtree, Essex.

Jetstream Pony – Gone to Ground

Taken from the self-titled debut album which I have yet to review but it’s great!

Dummy – Avant-Garde Gas Station

The kosmische influenced Avant-Garde Gas Station follows which switches from slow-building moogs and hushed vocals before expanding into a crescendo of noisy guitars.

Letters To Annika – Brighton

Opener Brighton is dreamy bedroom pop at it’s dreamiest…………….

Mo Dotti – Glow In The Dark

The voice of Gina Negrini is a delight and in my imagination, I can drift off high into the clouds whilst listening to this lovely, but sometimes, forlorn, EP.

Luces Negras – Ventilador

Grungy garage guitars in the style of The Breeders (yep a lazy comparison – sorry!) dominate over the words which when translated seem quite happy and joyful but I am wondering if they have a darker meaning.

Phosphene – Incandescent Plumes

Rachel Frankel’s vocals are as lovely as ever despite the gloomy and dark words which seem to be a feature of their songs.

The Wolfhounds – Can’t See The Light (Radio Edit)

It’s a radio edit of the lead track and it’s The Wolfhounds sounding like they are at the top of their game once more.

Marcos y Molduras – La De Los Memes

Taken from the album Te Espero en Casa which is out now on Discos De Kirlian

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