Letters To Annika – Letters To Annika EP

Japanese band Letters To Annika is Azusa Suga (For Tracy Hyde/April Blue) who has created a favourable impression with his two singles to date, being Namesake and Tidal respectively. Both appear here on the project’s debut EP but it’s the tracks previously unheard that leave their mark.

Opener Brighton is dreamy bedroom pop at it’s dreamiest whilst Love Song pulsates in a similar vein to the aforementioned Tidal. The almost spoken words over the music halfway onward is pretty effective. Wavelength provides some noise and roving guitar alongside subdued vocals whilst Absinthe is the jangliest, most indiepop track on the EP.

All the songs here, with the exception of Namesake, were written and recorded under quarantine last month. Suga played all the instruments and produced the EP is his bedroom. Given how this one shimmers and shines how good will the next one sound once quarantine is over and he has access to a studio?

The Letters To Annika EP is available digitally from the band.


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