Dummy – Dummy EP

Dummy, the band led by ex Wildhoney member Joe Trainor, have released their self titled debut EP. It’s a great blend of styles featuring noise pop, shoegaze, fuzzy guitars, drone and ambient not to mention some psychedelic pop. Lead track Angel’s Gear has that in abundance, wowing me back in January and I have been waiting for this EP ever since! The kosmische influenced Avant-Garde Gas Station follows which switches from slow building moogs and hushed vocals before expanding into a crescendo of noisy guitars.

Slacker Mask is up next with a mix of fuzzy indiepop and krautrock that takes the noise further.  The gentle Folk Song cements the bands eclectic approach before blending seamlessly into Touch The Chimes. It’s eight and a half minutes of atmospheric and emotive ambient that gives pause for thought. It’s great to hear a release like this which is full of variety, ideas and conviction.

The Dummy EP is currently available digitally from the band. It should appear in cassette form via Pop Wig Records at some point in the future.


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