Five Card Shuffle

A round up of sorts!

Jetstream Pony have recently released a new track in the shape of Yellow Pills. Not sure the of the history of this one aside that it was recorded last Autumn but it’s a fine fuzzy pop song none the less. Crank it up.

London label Damnably are releasing a compilation of Grrrl Gang’s work to date on vinyl and the solid lilac edition looks very nice indeed. Called Here To Stay it features nine tracks including two versions of the everlasting fave Dream Grrrl. Pre-order it from here.

The Memory Fades posted a new demo track at the start of the year. Titled Rose it was recorded over the course of a few days and Mr Memory Fades writes that “in my head it’s Scritti Politti, the Go-Betweens, The Bee Gees , Galaxie 500 and Squeeze but then … I have got a strange head !” A strange head makes for a decent tune though!

The new year also saw the first new track for a while from Toronto’s Tough Age. Titled Waiting Here it features a mix of 1960’s sounds and I can imagine waving my arms up and down next to a lava lamp to this one.

The Golden Teardrops have released a new song in the shape of I Won’t Be Fooled Again. Is that a bit of floor stompin’ northern soul I can hear creeping into to their brand of baroque/sunshine pop? I think it is you know!

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