Jetstream Pony – It’s Fine

Jetstream Pony have announced they will be releasing their debut self titled album, all things permitting I guess, on May 22nd 2020. It is a joint release between Shelflife Records (US) and Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten (Eur). The first track to be previewed from the album is the fuzzy/noise pop of It’s Fine which encapsulates what the band do best which is deliver a pop song as a pop song should be. It’s like C86 hasn’t gone away for this old timer! Is it me though or can you hear bits of Autocade by Prolapse in there too? You can pre-order … Continue reading Jetstream Pony – It’s Fine

Five Card Shuffle

A round up of sorts! Jetstream Pony have recently released a new track in the shape of Yellow Pills. Not sure the of the history of this one aside that it was recorded last Autumn but it’s a fine fuzzy pop song none the less. Crank it up. London label Damnably are releasing a compilation of Grrrl Gang’s work to date on vinyl and the solid lilac edition looks very nice indeed. Called Here To Stay it features nine tracks including two versions of the everlasting fave Dream Grrrl. Pre-order it from here. The Memory Fades posted a new demo … Continue reading Five Card Shuffle

Jetstream Pony – Mitte (demo)

Brighton’s Jetstream Pony are currently working on their debut album which may, or may not, be entitled Schrammelig. I don’t speak German but Schrammelig apparently describes something between not exactly tuned and/or a rather scratchy, crooked or old sound. Which, to be fair, is the best way I can summarize the band’s latest demo offering despite Beth Arzy’s voice sounding as fine as ever. A work in progress but there are promising hints on how that album will eventually sound. Facebook Continue reading Jetstream Pony – Mitte (demo)

Jetstream Pony – Self-Destruct Reality

Jetstream Pony release a new 5 track EP on 13th July 2018 and I am pleased to say (hear?) that my favourite track of theirs to date will be on it. Self-Destruct Reality takes me back to the mid 1980’s when the likes of The Shop Assistants and The Fizzbombs were around. I cannot wait to hear the EP in it’s entirety but until then get stuck into this excellent slice of retro indiepop. The EP is out on German label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. Keep an eye on the label’s discog store for order details nearer the date. Facebook Continue reading Jetstream Pony – Self-Destruct Reality

Jetstream Pony – Like You Less

Brighton based Jetstream Pony release their debut single Like You Less next week on German label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. It’s a vintage sounding indiepop song which reminds me of an early Primitives. C17 or what! It’s available on 7″ and details of how to order it can be found here. In other news the band play their first ever London gig at London’s Victoria on October 6th 2017. It’s a free gig and I know all this as I am promoting it! Details on the events’s Facebook page. Edit: And now a video for the flip side. Facebook Continue reading Jetstream Pony – Like You Less