Something For The Weekend? Three I Haven’t Reviewed!

I was going to start this post with a tribute to Alex Taylor of The Shop Assistants & The Motorcycle Boy but Roque wrote some very nice words so head over to Cloudberry to read what he has to say. Suffice to say it’s very sad and belated condolences to her family and everyone who knew her. R.I.P.


I have been thinking over the past week or so what the purpose of this Records I Like Is. Initially, it started out as some sort of wants list and music I found interesting. I had written reviews for a number of years and, given the exposure, the internet brings my philosophy was that there is no need for me to review music when you can simply listen to it yourself. You might need a nudge but…. Over time I slowly decided to move away from simply posting an embedded Bandcamp link like other blogs were doing. There is nothing wrong with that to be fair but I wanted to give the posts a bit more substance and justification.

So, before I knew it I was reviewing again. To be honest I am not the world’s best writer and I have run out of things to describe all the wonderful music I am listening too. Maybe it’s just a block, possibly a result of homeworking fatigue as work-wise I am busier than ever but who knows? However, for now, I will continue to search out new music posting what I enjoy possibly alongside snippets of news or other related bits and bobs of interest. Maybe a bit like the videos I post? Of course, I link to some excellent blogs so plenty there to read and get stuck into!

The Mixcloud mixes are here to stay by the way and possibly expanding.

So first up under this new regime change is this weeks pack of three. Three excellent albums that I wanted to review but not for the want of trying. I just couldn’t find the time or words. Maybe that is best so press that play button now.

Jetstream Pony – Jetstream Pony

The debut album from the Brighton/Sarf London based Schrammelig post-punk and indie-pop outfit.

Purchase from here.


The National Honor Society – All the Glory We Never Had

Retro indie-pop from Seattle. Buy from here.


Night Heron – I Heard You Dreaming

Dreampop with the 1960s and folk influences. Out now on Subjangle.

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