Recommended Releases 27/11/2021

Some of you may have noticed the move away from music reviewing on these pages to that of music discovery/recommendations alongside regular mixes and samplers.

The reasons for this are twofold. One is that I listen to more music than ever these days reducing time spent on reviews. The other is that there are other sites who write so much better than me when it comes to reviewing. You can see those in the links on the right.

However, I have realised that because of this is that I fail to mention the albums when they are released as a follow up to the initial new tracks/singles posts. So going forward there will be non-review posts mentioning the albums\EPs when they are out. So without further ado and review free here are releases from the past couple of weeks:

The Hepburns Feat. Estella Rosa – Architecture Of The Ages

Out now on Elefant Records.


Jetstream Pony – Misplaced Words

Out now on Spinout Nuggets (UK) and Shelflife Records(US)


Swansea Sound – Live at The Rum Puncheon

Out now via Skep Wax Records (Vinyl & CD) (UK), Lavender Sweep Records (Cassette) (UK & Europe), HHBTM Records (vinyl & CD) (North America), Austin Town Hall Records (Cassette) (North America) and finally Shiny Happy Records (Indonesia). Remember to support your local record store!

Fawns Of Love – Innocence of Protection

Out now via Sunday Records (US) and Kingfisher Bluez (Can)


Makthaverskan – För Allting

Available via Run For Cover Records.


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