Records I Like Mix November 2021

A much shorter (well over an hour) , but a no less powerful mix than previous months efforts. It’s a pretty decent blend alright. As ever, enjoy!

Full Tracklist:

Blanco Tranco – Trophy Hunting
Las Infrarrojas – Johnny Is Mine
Lorelei – Decay
Kindsight – Don’t You Grow Up
Hooper Crescent – Best In Town
Salt Lake Alley – Merry-Go-Round
Seablite – Breadcrumbs
Why Bonnie – Galveston
La Media Distancia – El Berron
Peaness – What’s The Use?
The Blue Herons – Take Them Back
Fjord Mustang – Health Class Field Trip
Horsegirl – Billy
All Away Lou – The Never End
Le Pain – Obvious to You
Duschpalatset – Fear and Loathing in Pite Alvdal
The Hepburns feat Estella Rosa – Five Miles Of Line
Dayflower – Sonic
the Greengrocers’ – Rotten Apple’s
Dream Room – Ride

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