Take Them Back!

The Blue Herons – Take Them Back

Take Them Back is the latest offering via the project of Gretchen DeVault and Andy Jossi. It’s a shimmering dreampop track that is jointly dominated by DeVault’s sweeping vocals and Jossi’s musicianship that sounds just oh so right. Beautiful artwork as ever!


Dayflower – Sonic

Sonic mixes a Strawberry Wine era My Bloody Valentine with even more fuzzier elements of indiepop. Concealed vocals coupled with noisy guitars that swirl reminds me of days gone by (to be honest everything does when you reach a certain age!). It’s backed with the beautiful dreampop meets ambient, in a kinda Cocteau Twins style of way,
Dream of Shore whilst the stripped back and gentle 4AD inspired Too Far Gone closes the proceedings. And all of this is available on a pay what you want basis?!!


Boys Her Age – Sleep Instead

Two tracks on this one from Tennessee’s Boys Her Age. Taking Bobby Fishing is a mix of shoegaze, post-rock noise and ambient moments whilst the demo of Anti-Buddy is a quick (self-indulgent?) jam. Like last month’s Dolls House EP there is a lot of variety here but as they say (they do!) there is far too much on the plate to get the right balance. Taking Bobby Fishing is pretty good though and I hope that’s a path they continue down.


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