Records I Like Mix January 2020

Happy new year one and all. If the best of 2019 mixes (part onepart two) were not enough for you then get stuck into the first mix of 2020 featuring tracks released in the past month or so. As ever, enjoy! And goodbye to Brunch Club. Thanks for the tunes.

Full Tracklisting:

Sugar World – We Fell In Love

…..there is no fuzziness here and instead we are treated to a bittersweet twee-pop song.

The Sensitive – World Is Evil

The new single out now on Let’s Kiss A Secret

Sicayda – It Changed

I can see why it ‘s a favourite as it’s a feisty track mixing post-punk and shoegaze to great effect whilst the energetic vocals give the song another dynamic

The Churchhill Garden – Surrender

The new single which is out now.

La Casa De Emma – Los Calcetines De Erik

Think Taluah Gosh, The Flatmates, 53rd & 3rd, The Shop Assistants, The Rosehips, Subway Organisation et al

Flower Crown – High Fantasy

The new single out now on Crafted Sounds.

Ducks Unlimited – Gleaming Spires

Taken from the current Get Bleak EP which is out on Bobo Integral

Brunch Club – Bike Riding

The jangling guitars and the vocals will draw you in and before you know it all eight songs have been and gone. Bike Riding and Wasted Sun could easily be singles in their own right

Citrus Clouds – A Pastel Sky

You can almost see the colours form as the guitars shimmer whilst the band sing “I am floating, A million miles high” in said sky.

HoneyHead – Rollercoaster

Of the three tracks here it’s the new version of 2017’s Rollercoaster that shines with the polish giving the guitar extra intensify and making the vocals even more attractive than they already were.

Close Lobsters – All Compasses Go Wild

The first single to be taken from the forthcoming album Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols.

Turks & Caicos – Subversive

They save the best to last on Subversive which is jangling indiepop at it’s finest. There are some amazing sounds coming out of this one and if you don’t press repeat at least twice there is something wrong with you!

Fanclub – Trespassing

The new single from Fanclub is a delightful mix of synth and indiepop. The synths drive the song whilst the guitars buzz around in support.

VIM – Waiting

On Waiting the guitars guitars pick up the pace, shimmering as the female vocals stay in the background.

Corrections – If I’m Being Inappropriate

Taken from the forthcoming album Simply Activity which is due for release in February 2020.

Stars on Fire – Hurricane Hermione

The flip side of the band’s current single.

Linda Guilala – Será Más Fácil

The third and final part of the band’s international trilogy.

Fred Fredburger – Colegas

The debut single from the band via Elefant’s New Adventures In Pop offshoot.

Gaarden – I Am Tired

Shimmering and jangling guitars compete with forlorn vocals which are backed up by despondent words.

Intermere – Reflection

I quite like the sound of the guitars on this one. They make for a slow deep sound and whilst listening, you get more than a hint of psychedelia running through the song.

Seasurfer – Lovers Breakdown (On A Lovely Day)

A remixed version of the band’s current single which is out now on Reptile Music.

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