Records I Like – The Best of 2019 (Part One)

So another year over and it was one of the best I can remember but given my memory of late that’s no strong ask. It started strongly in January and never looked back. It was a painstaking task compiling the Top 50 (well 51!) and for the past couple of weeks I have been adding tracks, removing tracks and adding them back in again. Things were getting so tight I had to add the constraint of only including music featured on this blog whether it was a post or a video page which meant my techno/electronica tracks got the heave ho.

If you are interested these would have included Fur Coat and Swart for starters. Also missing is Chris Massey’s excellent remix of the A Certain Ratio track Dirty Boy simply because I forgot I did actually post about it!

Also new this year is that there is no Top 10, 15 or whatever just 51 tracks picked for listening pleasure (or not!) across two mixes and in no order of preference. As for a tracklisting? Well, it’s a return to the days of old so you will have to listen to find out. Part Two will follow next week. Enjoy!

EDIT: Tracklisting

Brunch Club – Dandelion Dreams
Molchat Doma – Zvezdy
Star Tropics – The Other Side of Midnight
Makthaverskan – Demands
Lebend – By Your Side
Westkust – Swebeach
The Caress – Why Don’t We Take A Walk By The Sea?
K. Campbell – Heads Up
Flowerbed – Bluebonnet
Grey Gallows – Nothing Will Remain
Buffalo Postcard – Morning Chimes
Spunsugar – Native Tongue
Echoscope – Crisis of Faith
Jetstream Pony – I Close My Eyes
La Bien Querida (Feat. Diego Ibáñez) – Que
Grrrl Gang – Dream Grrrl
No Suits in Miami – I´ll Never Lie Again (Just To Get Close To You)
Sugar World – Sad in Heaven
The Hannah Barberas – The Sound of Happiness
Capitol – In Ceremony
Las Densas – Noche
Marcos Y Molduras – La De Parks
A Certain Smile – Cherry Bomb
The Blue Herons (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude) – The Way You Look At Me
Tourist Activities – Crystal River

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