July Round Up #1

As I mentioned the other day it’s been a bit quiet around here due to a job change so this weekend will be two posts dedicated to catching up on what I have been listening too over the past couple of weeks.

Hyperdream – Selfish Dream

Excellent shoegaze from Mexico. More than a few nods towards MBV (a speeded up version of Swallow?) both soundwise and cover art. Really liking this one.


Flowerbox – Flowerbox

An interesting and strong debut EP covering both indiepop and shoegaze. Most of the songs are slow paced which gives you time to appreciate both lyrics and the guitar. Blue for You is my pick of the six tracks.

Pastel Dream – Too Much Too Fast

Pretty good album alert. Dreamy indiepop at it’s finest and Summer Nights and Silence are two of the strongest indiepop songs you may hear this year. Unbelievably the whole album is a free download (or pay what you want).


Fragile Flowers – Sheltering Sky​/​4RD LOVE

I like a bit of noise and this EP by Japan’s Fragile Flowers covers all bases fusing a mixture of styles and genres. I particularity enjoyed Stain Blue and 1984年のラヴ・ゲーム. Another free/pay what you want download.


Alpaca Sports – Nobody Cares But Me

I was pretty sure I had mentioned this single which came out last month but a quick search shows this not to be the case. The single itself is pretty standard fare from Andreas and the gang but just when you think they have run out of ideas the flip side Baby Pop saves the day. Mixing 1960’s influences, indiepop and a bit of northern soul this track is sure to be a keeper for all those who hear it. An album follows in September but before then get that flip side.


Les Big Byrd – A Little More Numb

Two slices of hypnotic psychedelia from Stockholm’s Les Big Byrd and a taster for October’s Iran Iraq IKEA long player. Catchy and trippy. I like….


Useless Youth – Expectations

Expectations is the second single to be lifted from the forthcoming Cities album which is due out later this year. The jangling guitars are a delight none more so as they come together with the backing vocals as the song heads towards it’s final destination.


Dumb Things – Crash Barrier

More jangle pop but this time from Australia. Crash Barrier is the first I have heard from the band since last years self titled debut and it doesn’t disappoint delivering a perfect pop song in the way only Australians know how.


Sky Faction – Cyber Lover/ Farmer Joe’s

Sky Faction are a marmite band who delight or irritate in equal measure. Cyber Lover reminds me of one of those epic ballads Melys used to make which is no bad thing. That’s the delight bit taken care off. Sadly flip side Farmer Joe’s Single is truly horrible to these ears. At least Sky Faction are consistent in making me smile or making me bang my head against the wall!


Another round up tomorrow!

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