July Round Up #1

As I mentioned the other day it’s been a bit quiet around here due to a job change so this weekend will be two posts dedicated to catching up on what I have been listening too over the past couple of weeks. Hyperdream – Selfish Dream Excellent shoegaze from Mexico. More than a few nods towards MBV (a speeded up version of Swallow?) both soundwise and cover art. Really liking this one. Facebook Flowerbox – Flowerbox An interesting and strong debut EP covering both indiepop and shoegaze. Most of the songs are slow paced which gives you time to appreciate … Continue reading July Round Up #1

Alpaca Sports – Just Like Them

Just Like Them is taken from the forthcoming mini album from Alpaca Sports entitled When You Need Me The Most. It’s a bouncy, joyful sounding indiepop tune but beware the double edged sword of the bittersweet lyrics! It’s out on Elefant Records or Luxury Records on October 2nd. It’s available on 10″ vinyl (1000 copies) or on CD complete with extra track (but no mention of a tacky badge!). You can also download Just Like Them for free from Elefant using the code 02EBQKXDQ7AT The band play an acoustic set at the Dufflecoat Records All Dayer in London on Saturday … Continue reading Alpaca Sports – Just Like Them

Red Sleeping Beauty – Just For Fun

Swedish band Red Sleeping Beauty have acquired a cult status in the seventeen years since we last heard from them. The band, who featured Mikael Matsson (The Shermans/The Charade) and Niklas Angergård (Acid House Kings) amongst their lin eup , released a range of damn fine pop singles between 1992 and 1997. And now they are back. A new single is due in the spring and they have just covered Alpaca Sports Just For Fun track for the bonus CD that comes with pre-orders for Alpaca Sports début due out next month. Order from Luxury https://soundcloud.com/redsleepingbeautymusic/red-sleeping-beauty-just-for Facebook Continue reading Red Sleeping Beauty – Just For Fun

Alpaca Sports – Sealed With A Kiss

Alpaca Sports release their début album Sealed With A Kiss next month. It’s a split release between Dufflecoat Records (UK) and Luxury Records (Sweden). The album contains 10 tracks including some previously released as 7″ singles and four new songs. If you pre-order the release (in vinyl and CD formats) from one of the following links you will get a CD of remixes from the likes of Red Sleeping Beauty, Tiny Fireflies, Invisible Twin, Pale Spectres, Boyish, Band à Part, Zipper and others. Luxury Records Alpaca Sports Bandcamp page You will also be able to pick up through the following … Continue reading Alpaca Sports – Sealed With A Kiss