July Round Up #2

And here is the SQL (ha ha – hint to what I do for a living) to yesterday’s post. Today’s round up concentrates the many faces of Post-Punk.

Projet Marina – Rage

Rage is the first single lifted from the band’s album Echos which is due for release in September. Synth pop of the highest calibre.


Cult of Haze – Farewell

There is a lot of quality post-punk coming out of Russia these days and this album is no exception. Harking back to the synthpop and goth pioneers of the early 1980’s Cult of Haze deliver an album that invokes many memories of that era especially for an old man like me! The female vocals work to an amazing effect. So Tell Me is my pick of the bunch.

Warsaw Pact – Lights (Alternative Mix)

I prefer the rawer sound of the alternative mix of Lights as it sounds nearer to the post-punk sound that the band are trying to emulate rather than the original polished version.


Corrections – Birdsong

Not all post-punk sounds like Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Cure or Killing Joke copyists. There are plenty of bands out there that sound like the missing link between punk and C86. Most don’t get it right but Corrections are an exception. I raved about their Idolatry single last November and I am gonna rave about them some more. Check out tracks like Glitter, Placer and the aforementioned Idolatry and tell me what there is not too like? Excellent.


Neon Lies – Visitors / Ephemeral Meeting

Visitors is a new track from this Croatian based one man project. It’s a fine example of coldwave and sounds like it could have been made anytime in the last 40 odd years. Ephemeral Meeting is taken from the excellent second album that was released last year. It’s the new track you will want and this project is getting better and better.


Magic Mist – Flare Path / Tentacle Finger

Two tracks from this new to me Cardiff based outfit. Both tracks invoke Gothic imagery whilst listening as the band draws from it’s obvious influences – give the tracks a listen and guess who I mean. Enjoyable stuff especially the most excellent Flare Path.

Balacs – Ceremony

Spanish band Balacs are a band I have followed since last years Formal Times single although they have been around a bit longer than that. Again there are some obvious influences but the band take those and create something new. The three singles that preluded the album are all here but they were just a taster for the tracks that were to come. Ceremony is an enjoyable romp and one for synthpop, darkwave and electronic pop fans.


And that’s the round up done. Now to wade through the 50 plus emails in my Bandcamp folder. But that’s another story.

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