Midweek Catch Up

Australian indiepop outfit Egoism have a new single out. Titled You You it’s about “someone in my life causing me a lot of pain and I wrote this when I was finally trying to get away”. Despite the pain it’s catchy and, empathy aside, I wish some break ups in my life had been as tuneful as this. Get it from here. Bedroom Poppers Wake In June released a new song last week. It’s called Light Phaser and it’s full of those melodies and hooks we have learnt to enjoy so well. There are also some new swirling noises thrown … Continue reading Midweek Catch Up

Flowerbed – Blame

Following on from last years excellent self titled debut EP Texan dream-pop band Flowerbed deliver another fine tune in the shape of Blame. Whilst not as ethereal sounding as the aforementioned release the band temper the noise so that the hushed voice of Bailo Biggs can be heard as it threads it’s way through the guitars. Let’s hope a follow up EP is on the way soon. Facebook Continue reading Flowerbed – Blame

Face Myself – A (Bonus!) Post-Punk Mix

Well that was a few enjoyable days in Budapest and this mix was on my player during the trip. Why another post-punk mix so soon you ask? Whilst putting together the Silent & Alone mix I had a number of tracks that did not fit in that mix, were left over or, in the case of one or two, forgotten. So, primarily for my commute, I put together another mix and thought I would share the end results as I think it works really well. Anyway enjoy! Full Tracklisting: Human Program – Bacteria Sounding like long lost outtakes from the … Continue reading Face Myself – A (Bonus!) Post-Punk Mix

Silent & Alone – A Post-Punk Mix

It’s been at least a month or so since the last post-punk mix and in that time there have been plenty of excellent singles and a few albums. Primarily a coldwave mix there is more than enough to keep you entertained whilst I am away for a few days in Budapest as it mixes the gloom merchants with those who want to dance in the dark. Alternative stream at hearthis. Full Track Listing: Molchat Doma – Zvezdy Quite a lot post-punk is aimed at the dancefloors these days and Zvezdy is no exception. See ya down there! Spheres – Leere … Continue reading Silent & Alone – A Post-Punk Mix

Post-Punk Tuesday

Rounding up some more post-punk inspired tunes. Beryllium – Beryllium Not sure if these are unfinished tracks, demos or works in progress but on this debut release there are four very short wave synth-pop/coldwave inspired post-punk tracks. The synths hook you in and the vocals give the songs (excerpts?) an extra dimension but they are oh so short. I really hope there is more to come from this act as this EP bodes well for the future. Figure Section – Spectre Belgium has a long association with all things coldwave/post-punk and Brussels based Figure Section is a new addition to … Continue reading Post-Punk Tuesday