Records I Like Mix March 2020

Another mix collating tracks released in the past month or so. Lots to listen too here (hear?).

Full tracklisting:

The Tubs – I Don’t Know How It Works

The debut single from another offshoot from Joanna Gruesome.

The Empty Shell – You Can’t Hide

The same is true for You Can’t Hide which gives nods towards the likes of The Wake and The Sea Urchins both musically and lyrically.

Pop at Summer – Sunny Day Parade

With a band name like Pop At Summer and a song title of Sunny Day Parade I will guess most people will fathom how the new track from these Indonesian indie popppers will pan out.

Pale Lights – You And I

If you have not heard them before a couple of pointers would be The Go-Betweens and Lloyd Cole & The Commotions.

Theatre Royal – A Marvellous Death

If I could be as half as catchy as this when I finally shuffle off to my mortal coil then one would pass on happily!

Store Front – You Gave Me

There are five tracks on the EP mixing up indiepop and alt-rock. Harmonious music with words to make you think.

The Sundries – 22

Generally I would not mention a release I was not totally enamoured with but I have to say on balance that the closing track, titled 22, is outstanding to say the least featuring jangling guitars, wonderful harmonies, boy/girl vocals and erm, the odd ukulele.

Sicayda – Caught in the Rain

Sicayda’s new single features some of the heavier elements in the Toronto based band’s armoury. It also features some of their most melodic moments too. 

Sleep Overload – Painter

Painter is their debut release if Bandcamp is anything to go by and it’s a dreamy track with hushed female vocals and sounds that come across like flashes of light.

Lisasinson – Atasco

The new single which is out now on Elefant Records.

The Radio Dept. – The Absence of Birds

Titled The Absence of Birds it’s backed with a remix of the same song. The former is a wispy indiepop song with folk-ish overtones whilst the latter mixes ambient with drone.

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir – Start Again

I liked the shorter tracks and luckily the new single feature two brash punk-pop numbers that don’t go over the 1m 42s mark.

Clubwater – Adult Angst

It’s a catchy track that draws on influences from the past using them to shape the track into a well crafted indiepop song.

Girlatones – Respond to Love

The album features 10 tracks but I have only streamed the lead single Respond To Love which is a delightful sub two minute garage/bubblegum pop hybrid.

PGX – Peter Gutteridge

It’s full of fun, fuzzy lo-fi tracks that flirt with indiepop and post-punk whilst the shared vocals cross between the spoken and the poetic.

Egoism – You You

Despite the pain it’s catchy and, empathy aside, I wish some break ups in my life had been as tuneful as this.

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Don’t Ever Pray in the Church on My Street

The latest single from the prolific indiepop project.

Go Get Mum – Moving Day

Taken from the bands second EP.

The Churchhill Garden – Light

Vanderwoude’s voice is dominant, giving her own words justice. They are never undermined by the fuzzy guitars which are left to produce their own wall of sound as they play out whilst the vocals fade away

Massage – Michael Is My Girlfriend

Titled Michael Is My Girlfriend it’s a witty, catchy indie pop track containing plenty of hooks and other ear worms.

HoneyHead – Wake Up

Of the four alternative/noise pop tracks here it’s the addictive Wake Up that catches my ear.

Underwater Obstacles – Waves To The Beach

It’s vibrant and short track reminding me of the early 1990’s alternative pop/indie rock.

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