The Sundries – Magic Johnson EP

The Sundries are an indiepop outfit from my current manor, South East London. They write that they are inspired by the likes of Belle & Sebastian and Allo Darlin’, being together for a few years now. I believe that the Magic Johnson EP is their debut outing. It certainly is their first release as a full band.

Listening to the EP that latter influence is certainly true. The tracks err on the indie folk side of things but have too many ukuleles in for liking, reminding me of the days when every band and their dog had one. Mind you, the vocals of Alice Player are absolutely lovely.

Generally I would not mention a release I was not totally enamoured with but I have to say on balance that the closing track, titled 22, is outstanding to say the least featuring jangling guitars, wonderful harmonies, boy/girl vocals and erm, the odd ukulele. It could well be one of the best indiepop/janglepop songs you will hear this year.

The Magic Johnson EP is available digitally from the band from here.


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