Something For The Weekend – Three Punk Derivatives

This weeks pack of three looks (hears) at three releases that tagged themselves as punk derivatives.

This Girl Will Self-Destruct – This Band Will Self​-​Destruct

This Band Will Self​-​Destruct is the debut release from this new impressively named band who hail from Cologne. Mixing punk and riot grrrl to good effect they deliver two strong tracks. Baggage errs on the side of power pop whilst the creative Mirror, Mirror is the punkier of the two despite it’s poppy leanings. Very Slits like in parts. And did I hear a trumpet or similar in there?

Sarchasm – Beach Blanket Bummer Pop

Sarchasm have been around for a number of years now but this is the first I have heard from them. It’s entertaining stuff across the whole album as they deliver catchy song after catchy song. They make music “about mountains and friendships gone wrong” but, based on these songs, I think they can make a damn decent tune about any subject. Beach Blanket Bummer Pop is the perfect soundtrack for tedious commutes. And beach parties!

It’s available on limited vinyl via Asian Man Records or digitally (pay what you want) from the band.


Discount Lindas – Fringe Fetishes & Heavy Petting In The Frozen Food Aisle

A witty and sometimes biting debut EP from Exeter’s Discount Lindas who have tagged themselves under a number of genres I did not know even existed. Well I am sheltered no more whilst the band sing “about sausages, librarians, vans and ginger beer”. Stuff to make you smile or sigh but excellent either way.

Fringe Fetishes & Heavy Petting In The Frozen Food Aisle is available on a pay what you want basis from the band or Circle House Records.


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