Ogikubo Station – Okinawan Love Songs

The opener on this EP Would I Break My Heart Enough For You is not far from being the perfect jangling indiepop song. The way the guitars skirt along the punk-pop borders with the female vocals joining in puts it right straight into C86 territory. Spend Some Time With Me is a mix of punk vibes mixed with power pop and is both short and sweet. However, I am not sure about the last track Dr Worm which is a bit too “arty-farty” for me, but I am sure many will appreciate the Talking Heads/Tina Weymouth post-punk vibe. That said … Continue reading Ogikubo Station – Okinawan Love Songs

September Round Up Time!

I have been a bit slack on posting these past couple of weeks but I have some good excuses for that! Firstly I have set up a new record label with my Sleeping Today Promotions collaborator. I have also been helping promote the next Culture Bunker night which takes place on October 22nd and it will also be part of the #keepingitpeel events for 2016. And on to getting back on track and the music that has been grabbing me of late. Indiepop supergroup (?) Tangible Excitement! will  be releasing a new 7″ single shortly on Freakscene (UK & Europe) … Continue reading September Round Up Time!

Kitty Kat Fan Club – Songs About Cats

Kitty Kat Fan Club feature members of San Jose punk bands Hard Girls and Shinobu alongside the owner of Asian Man Records Mike Park. However punk rock this is not and is instead indiepop at it’s finest. I must admit I don’t care that much for cats but I do care for these fun inducing tracks! Opener Talk About Love is the standout for me simply because I got grabbed by the excellent vocals and the cat-chy (geddit?) music. Songs About Cats is available on limited edition coloured vinyl through Asian Man Records. You can order it from the label’s … Continue reading Kitty Kat Fan Club – Songs About Cats

Cayetana – Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes features two tracks neither of which bears that name although the words appear in opener freedom 1313 which is a fine slab of slow, building alternative rock complete with some sublime vocals. The flip side sees a pretty damn good effort of covering New Order’s Age of Consent that stays true to the original but also manages sound distinctive again thanks to the vocals.  There is enough here for me to pay a visit to their previous work. Tired Eyes is available as a 7″ from Asian Man Records or digitally on a pay what you want basis … Continue reading Cayetana – Tired Eyes