September Round Up Time!


I have been a bit slack on posting these past couple of weeks but I have some good excuses for that! Firstly I have set up a new record label with my Sleeping Today Promotions collaborator. I have also been helping promote the next Culture Bunker night which takes place on October 22nd and it will also be part of the #keepingitpeel events for 2016.

And on to getting back on track and the music that has been grabbing me of late.

Indiepop supergroup (?) Tangible Excitement! will  be releasing a new 7″ single shortly on Freakscene (UK & Europe) and Emotional Response (USA). The band , who feature members of The Summer Cats, Lucksmiths and Boyracer amongst others, follow up their excellent debut with a fine EP that also features their cover of Tiger Trap’s Puzzle Pieces.



Secretary Legs finally follow up from last years demos in the shape of the Summer Hiatus EP. Opener Bruiser is my pick of the bunch but to be honest all four tracks here hit the spot. Classy alt rock with some excellent vocals to boot.



Apparently Simmer Down by The Smoking Popes is the band’s original lineups first material since 1998. No I haven’t heard of them either but based on this excellent indie punk track I will be checking out their back catalogue in due course.



London’s Teen Brains are refining their post punk tinged Shoegaze on every release. Their latest release, the Translucent EP  is a split effort between the UK’s Witchgirl Recordings and Citrus City Records across the pond . It features four excellent tracks and Isolation (no not a Joy Division cover!) stands out for me.



It’s been out since last month and the debut album from Mexican indiepoppers Useless Youth is well worth a listen. It includes the bands three singles to date all of which I have mentioned previously. If you would like a big slice of a C86 jangle pop pie then tuck in and over indulge here.



Also out last month was Wanderlust, the debut album from Earth Girls. Only two of the twelve tracks here make it past the two minute barrier and it’s a fantastic slab of furious but catchy power pop that contains hints of 1960’s girl bands and 1970’s garage/punk. Foot tappin’……

Wanderlust is out now on Grave Mistake Records.



Another album on steady rotation is Here To Fade by Charleston‘s Tape Waves. There is some beautiful and dreamy stuff here and it’s very easy to get lost among it all. The likes of Always Shines, Calling and Close Your Eyes will be jostling for a space on end of year lists.

Here To Fade is out now on Bleeding Gold Records.



There seems to be a theme of collaborative releases in this post. Here is another joint effort this time from Slumberland Records (US) and Fortuna Pop (UK). Sadly after twenty years the latter is closing down (a big thanks for all the music Sean!) which is going to a big, big loss to the UK indie scene.  Back to the music and this release features 4 bands (Mercury Girls, Wildhoney, The Spook School and Tigercats) with two tracks each. It’s The Spook Schools Gone Home that’s the highlight for me with Mercury Girls Beverly running a close second.



Finally talking about labels closing down a mention has to be given to Edinburgh’s Soft Power Records which has put out it’s final release in the shape of Dora Maar’s  Flights cassette single.  It’s an excellent release and fitting that it should be the label’s last. All cassette copies via the label have gone but, if you act quickly, the band still has copies. One for fans of  Scottish post-punk/artrock and Postcard Records fans for sure.

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