Something For The Weekend? Three From Bruxelles

A bit of a bonus this weekend! Despite the power of WordPress scheduling making it look like I am around, updating this blog regularly, I am currently in Brussels for a few days, getting away from what was supposed to be the Brexit weekend. Whilst I sup the many Belgian beers on offer here are three bands from Brussels that I have recently discovered.

Turquoise – Turquoise

Brussels is famous for it’s post-punk scene of the early 1980s and the links to Factory Records of course via Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Benelux. Citing influences such as The Chameleons, Cocteau Twins, The Durutti Column and Slowdive, Turquoise open their debut EP in stunning fashion in the shape of Miroir which will be one of the finest moments post-punk wise this year. Whilst I can see the pros and cons of opening with your strongest track the rest of the EP doesn’t match it Miroir’s heights although it comes close on numerous occasions – check out the haunting synths on Mirador for one. Turquoise is a very strong EP with consistently good songs and you should give it the courtesy of a listen. Or two!


WÜLF7 – The Nights of the Wolves

Are the creators of electronic body music (EBM) Front 242 the most famous band to come out of Brussels? Their gig at Ancienne Belgique during their Tyranny For You tour in 1991 is still up there in my Top 10 gigs list. Despite claiming not to be a pure EBM band WULF7 sound exactly like Front 242 to these ears none more so than the singers vocal style. Dark pumping industrial beats that will bring joy – Marie Kondo eat your heart out. Play loud and dance like a loon – it certainly will not be a tragedy for you if you do. Superb.


Stakattak – Stakattak

Stakattak make quirky, arty and brash punk pop that, on first listen, sounds like a cross between The Fire Engines and The Fall with some Bogshed thrown in for good measure. The songs are short (I mean 5 seconds!), loud and most importantly fun! Who Put It In? is the stand out track and my arms and legs unintentionally move in conjunction whilst listening and it should be a staple at any “alternative” club night. The EP is due out on 7″ next month.


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