Something For The Weekend? Three from IONOFF Music

IONOFF is indie record label from St.Petersburg, Russia that specialises in post-punk and other forms of alt.rock. Here are three recent releases that have grabbed my attention. I wish they would put their discography up for sale on Bandcamp as it would stop me from picking and choosing!

ATOW – Дешевые слова

ATOW caught my ear last year with their excellent Предсмертные записки несуществующих людей EP. I am glad to say that the new EP, that translates as Cheap Words, carries on the same vein with it’s 1980s retro sound. The songs are catchy and addictive and this one will definitely be a keeper.

Англия – Тепло от холодных рук

Or Warm From Cold Hands by England. There is not a duff track on this excellent album which packs a punch, containing an excellent reworking of the vintage post-punk sound mixing coldwave, synth pop and hints of shoegaze into one package. An incredibly accessible album with the haunting Место наших встреч is the standout track for me.

Неромантика – Заново

At the time of writing this single is the latest release on the label. Moving away from post-punk this errs closer to 1990s alt-rock/grunge and is an example of the diverse sound that can be heard via IONOFF Music. Very Dinosaur Jr sounding, especially the vocals which could be J Mascis singing in Russian. I think this is a great track despite not being my usual listening fare and I have earmarked the band for further listening.

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