Something For The Weekend? Three, Maybe Four, From Bruxelles

Continuing my recent exploration of music released in the past three months tagged as Brussels or Bruxelles on Bandcamp.

Route 77 – Route 77

Post-punk yesterday and some punk today in the shape of this self titled effort from Route 77. There are seven songs with the longest rolling in at 01:52 which may give you some idea of what to expect. Nowt too fast or furious here mind as the band concentrate on producing the perfect melodic power pop song. And they manage it too with Pas Envie being the highlight. Entertaining rather than an essential listening.

Haring – Forest Parks

R&S Records is a Belgian an independent dance music label that is based in Ghent rather than Brussels. However, Forest Parks by Brussels based Haring reminds me of a slower paced version of the R&S classic Kinetic by Golden Girls. It’s a laid back house record that makes the perfect addition to some Sunday chill out listening. Lovely cover art too.


C is for Noir – EP#2

There is some unashamed pop music coming out of Brussels it seems. Most wasn’t to my liking but I enjoyed this EP which fuses pop music with techno undertones and it works quite well. A guilty pleasure perhaps but much of it reminded me of the New Order side project The Other Two especially Praha which could have come straight from that band’s The Other Two & You album. Other highlights are the arms in the air Heal and the Factory beats found on Zombie. Good stuff!


Datawave – Failed Utopia

Dark ambient you say? That causes me to shrug my shoulders but with two moody tracks found on this release it seems an appropriate “tag”. I would use the “tag” Music made by Kraftwerk after listening to too much Leonard Cohen if I could get away with it. There is nothing to choose between the two tracks and some very nice sounds can be heard through the doom and gloom. If techno, no matter how dark it may be, is your thing then this is essential.


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