February Round Up #2

And the round up is on day two….

Patrick Farrugia – Too Late

Patrick Farrugia has been releasing music for a few years now and the two tracks on Too Late is the first I have heard from him. Both tracks are 1980s-inspired or in the case of Oblivion 100% inspired by New Order’s Age of Consent such are the similarities between the two. Not bad then! Sadly less said about Olympiad the better. I am left wondering if it’s actually by the same person. Very MOR. Just grab the first track.


Crystal Eyes/Marlaena Moore – Radical Softness – The Split

It’s the two tracks by Crystal Eyes that catch my ear on this release. No offence to the very competent Marlaena Moore but her music is not my thing.

Back to Crystal Eyes. Peace Forever is a 1960s Girl Group inspired song and would be a perfect inclusion on a soundtrack to one of John Waters films. Candy BB is a complete contrast with spoken word vocals being sang over a droning drum beat. The song builds up to a crescendo, first with shouty vocals and then shoegaze style guitars complementing the constant drum beats. Marvellous!


Happypills – Room​(​Waiting For the Moon)

Japan’s Happypills return with a right old proper jangling bedroom pop effort. It’s upbeat stuff and it sounds like the pills are having an effect once more as Mr Happypills sings his heart out!


Lasitud – Fantasma

Fantasma is the first track to be taken from Mexican shoegazers Lasitud’s forthcoming second EP. It has an expansive, anthem like sound that fills my headphones and beyond. The female vocals are immense and the chorus is catchy as feck. It’s great!


Various – Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 3 – Viva Mexico!

The latest Come On Feel The NoiZe compilation from The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records features, as the name suggests, just Mexican bands. Strangely Lasitud do not appear but there is plenty more to discover from bands who play alt-rock, post-punk and shoegaze.


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