Something For The Weekend? Three From Japan

This weeks pack of three features three artists from the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Letters To Annika – Tidal Tidal is the second track from the project of Azusa Suga (For Tracy Hyde/AprilBlue). It’s a pulsating, fast moving track and may well feature on the debut self titled EP that is due for release next month. Facebook Happypills – Monsoon I am not sure what is happening musically in Japan at the moment but this may give some clues. Letters To Annkia above proclaim that “surf rock isn’t dead” and Happypills describe Monsoon as an “indie surf rock”. The … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three From Japan

Happypills – Summer Song

Hot on the heels of his debut album Milk Floes, which I failed to mention so let me rectify that by pointing you over here, Japan’s one man bedroom indiepop band Happypills has released a new single. I am not quite sure why Summer Song did not make the aforementioned album (maybe it’s because it’s so short) but it would have been a worthy inclusion thanks to the now trademark jangling guitars with a vocal style that wavers between deadpan and emotional ridden. The song itself may be over a tad sharpish (1m44s fact fans) but it will linger on … Continue reading Happypills – Summer Song

February Round Up #2

And the round up is on day two…. Patrick Farrugia – Too Late Patrick Farrugia has been releasing music for a few years now and the two tracks on Too Late is the first I have heard from him. Both tracks are 1980s-inspired or in the case of Oblivion 100% inspired by New Order’s Age of Consent such are the similarities between the two. Not bad then! Sadly less said about Olympiad the better. I am left wondering if it’s actually by the same person. Very MOR. Just grab the first track. Facebook Crystal Eyes/Marlaena Moore – Radical Softness – … Continue reading February Round Up #2