February Round Up #1

Before I have had even time to blink I have racked almost a century of emails in my bandcamp folder. Time to wade through some of those tracks that are piling up!

Leathers – Phantom Heart

Leathers is the project of Shannon Hemmett who is also a member of Canadian post-punk band Actors. Phantom Heart mixes synth pop and dark wave to great effect.


Sheer – Glimpse

Glimpse is the first track in almost two years from Californians Sheer. It’s worth the wait as Glimpse is a laid back alt-rock track with lovely female vocals which betray the melancholic lyrics.


Verbludes – Залип?

Залип?, which could be Zalina or Zalip depending on when you use Google translate, is an interesting track from Moscow based Verbludes. Mixing indiepop with what sounds like Daisy Chain style hip hop the track works surprisingly well and I love the way the female/male vocals bounce off each other. A fine example of transgressing genre boundaries.


The Jasmine Minks – Step by Step

30 years and still going strong and even stronger thanks to the forthcoming single Step By Step where they recreate their classic Creation Records sound. The band join their fellow legends The Claim at London’s The 100 Club on March 23rd 2019. Guess who is away? Bah!


Somewhere – Stolen Kisses

Stolen Kisses is taken from the forthcoming mini-album/EP I’m Still In Love With You by Mexican’s Somewhere. Stolen Kisses is an intriguing track that makes me want to hear more thanks to the slow, fuzzy guitar sound with a classic deadpan vocal style that has more than enough compelling qualities.


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