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February Round Up #1

Before I have had even time to blink I have racked almost a century of emails in my bandcamp folder. Time to wade through some of those tracks that are piling up! Leathers – Phantom Heart Leathers is the project of Shannon Hemmett who is also a member of Canadian post-punk band Actors. Phantom Heart … Continue reading

Verbludes – Nightmares

More twee influenced indiepop from the Russian band Verbludes. Кошмары sounds quite jolly but once you translate the title (Nightmares) and the lyrics into English is not all smiles and handclaps as you may have been lead to believe! Regardless of all of that it’s a catchy and bouncy track none the less! It’s pretty … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend? Three revisited

This week’s threesome covers new releases from bands I have mentioned before. Verbludes – долги Indiepop from Russia. Apparently it’s about being in debt. I think my ears are! The Death Of Pop – Like Always This is the first we have heard from The Death Pop for almost a year. It’s a finely polished … Continue reading

September Podcast

The September Podcast rounds up tracks featured in the past month. Features Univers, Strange Passage, Rainbow Reservoir, Kitty Kat Fan Club, Youthmemory, Herlights, Just Blankets, Verbludes, Commis Voyageur, Skux and Holi.

Verbludes – Угадай

Verbludes are a twee pop band from Russia and Угадай, which according to Google translate is means Guess seems to be their first release. Both tracks here are pretty strong examples of twee/indiepop including some excellent boy/girl vocals and swirling melodies. Oh opening track Быть тебе интересным translates as Be interesting to you. And this … Continue reading

Past Sounds