August Round Up #3

Some Gorgeous Accident – Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent certainly isn’t the sound of a band heading towards it’s final destination as their Facebook page indicates but it looks like it’s the end of the road for a band who have been around in one guise or another since 2006/07. These songs are a collection of songs that were “lying about”. This Day and the title track are dreamy and blissful. Available via Melotron Recordings.


Tape Waves – Distant Light

More laid back dreamy pop goodness from Tape Waves and the follow up to 2016’s Here To Fade. Whilst it was not instantly accessible as the former it’s a grower. Shimmer is a delight! Out now via Bleeding Gold Records.


Hater – It’s So Easy

It’s So Easy is taken from the forthcoming album Siesta that will be released on Fire Records next month. Like fellow Swedish band Agent Blå Hater produce epic sounding indiepop but whilst the previously release dRed Blinders unashamedly wore it’s C86 heart on it’s sleeve It’s So Easy sounds somewhat more polished losing the bands rawer edge. It’s still a great track mind!


TV Crime – In The Gutter

Another wonderful slab of punk/glam/pub rock from Nottingham’s TV Crime. A debut LP follows later this years but in the meantime crank this one up even louder!


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