Finishing Off….. 2016

After scrolling through my bookmarks here are some releases that deserved posts of their own but a busier solstice than usual has prevented that so please divert your ears into the direction of the following:


Swimming Tapes – Set The Fire / Souvenirs

Excellent debut 7″ from this London based alternative pop band.



Son Bou – Cinta

Indiepop from Barcelona. Out now on cassette from Snap! Clap!



Kamikaze Girls – SAD

Kamikaze Girls could be described as an angrier and noisier version of Curve. Stitches is a must hear.



Fascinations Grand Chorus – Actor/Actress

More dreamy 1960’s influenced pop from this New York-based duo.



Peach Club – White Girl

The latest track this year from Peach Club with their own brand of punk/riot grrl. Check out their Bitch Diaries from April this year whilst you are at it.


The Hippaes – I Just Want to Float in the Void

An enjoyable debut from the band with personnel drawn from other bands left, right and centre. Out now on cassette via Keroleen Records.


Clementine – Tiger (EP)

More punk/riot grrrl this time from Lisboa. The title track alone is worth your dosh….



Endlich Blüte – Der Schöne Junge Mann EP

Clever arty post-punk that also takes in a load of other musical genres over the course of the EP. Available on 12″ and digital formats.



Bearcats – Break Up Stories EP

Noisy, DIY garage influenced tunes. That will do me…..



Joyride – Half Moon Bay

Punk pop? Noisy alt rock? Whatever you want to classify the third album from Joyride as it’s great as songs such as Hold That Thought, Girls Who Wanna Realize Themselves and Running On Empty testify.

Available on vinyl and cassette. And digital!


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