Everyday is Like Sunday

Texan shoegazers Eternal Something follow up last years Realm​//​Zone EP with new track Seagoats. It’s another one of those shoegaze tracks that are inspired by poetic imagination and my mind wandered vividly as it played. I could listen to ethereal tracks like this all day long – well until the cow’s Seagoats come home. Brighton’s Dreams Of Empire have released their first new material since last years Nothing’s Ever Finished debut album. I am not sure if I have ever heard a song that references both the Sparks and Plastic Bertrand before but Broken Dreams does just that as it tells … Continue reading Everyday is Like Sunday

Various Artists – Shelter (Sunday Records)

Sunday Records have released a free compilation called Shelter. The label states that it’s “a special treat for our fans during the coronavirus isolation.” The album features acts from their roster both past and present including Sugar World and their blissful We Fell In Love track, Fawns of Love, Day & Dream and The Memory Fades. There are blasts from the past too in the shape of The Pristines, The Cinematics and Tokidoki. All the songs collated are on the mellow side of things, no doubt to keep us all calm as we stay safe at home. Shelter is available … Continue reading Various Artists – Shelter (Sunday Records)

Sugar World – We Fell In Love

Sugar World follow up their excellent Sad In Heaven single with the bittersweet We Fell In Love. Unlike the aforementioned single there is no fuzziness here and instead we are treated to a bittersweet twee-pop song. Both the vocals and guitars are in a mournful mood. Whilst the latter chime like bells the lovely female voice, which seek reassurance, insecurely asks if “do you blame me, do you miss me, do you hate me”. Lovely but sorrowful with it. Facebook Continue reading Sugar World – We Fell In Love

Sugar World – Sad in Heaven

Here’s one that’s been pretty much on repeat all day. Sad in Heaven is one of those fuzzy indiepop tracks that will penetrate your brain given the number of hooks and earworms it contains. Despite the maudlin words the song just buzzes around incessantly even after it ends. I have no idea who San Diego’s Sugar World are or why they are so glum but keep this up and it will be good while it lasts. Marvellous. Facebook Continue reading Sugar World – Sad in Heaven