Here’s The Thing…………………..

There was a raft of releases towards the end of last week. So much so that I thought another Bandcamp Friday was upon us judging by the number of emails in my inbox. So rather than write a post for each (I did say I wasn’t going to review anymore didn’t I haha) I thought I would create a small playlist. Bandcamp does not have a playlist facility and Playmoss, which I used before moving to Mixcloud, has ceased activity  A quick look at Youtube suggested that most of the tracks I wanted to mention were there so without further ado here is a short playlist to make your start to the week an enjoyable one – I hope!

EgoismHere’s The Thing (FacebookBuy)

Planet LoserSunbeam (FacebookBuy)

Sugar WorldTime To Kill (FacebookBuy)

Pop at SummerSummer Is Coming! (FacebookBuy)

Sally HazePavilion (FacebookBuy)

Fort NotAmsterdam (FacebookBuy)

The Age of Colored LizardsCome Back Down (FacebookBuy)

LatitudeThursday Is The New Sunday (Buy)

Misty CoastIn a Million Years (FacebookBuy)

Black SandStart to Reveal (TwitterBuy)

As for Playmoss, I am not sure when the site actually is going to be removed but there are 58 playlists I collated still available from here.

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