Star Party – Demo 2000

Star Party were formed earlier this year to play “misty coastal rock music” which are their words, not mine. That description should be expanded to include C86 fuzz, punk attitude and garage pop because that’s what we have on this demo which features two original songs (I think) and two covers. The former consists of No Excuse which sounds like it came from the Subway Organisation back-catalogue. Think The Shop Assistants or the Rosehips. Veil of Gauze could be L7 if they were a noisy indiepop band.

As for the two covers I mentioned that they sounded like The Shop Assistants earlier and they cover that band’s previous incarnation when Buba was still around on Something To Do which stays pretty much faithful to the original. Finally, they take Bob Dylan’s All I Really Wanna Do and turn it to the best Fizzbombs surfin’ track that there never was. The sound of my youth encapsulated. Grab it from here.

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